Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our First Date

Three years ago I met my marine.   After a month of talking on the phone, texting and emailing, and several failed date attempts, I finally met my marine.  Our first date was attending my friend's 40th birthday party.  I was so nervous. I hadnt dated since I was in my early 20's. I had been about a year or so out of a long term relationship.  My ex-boyfriend never committed but we enjoyed 12+ years of fun and excitement.  We spent lots of time together and our family and friends were connected and intertwined.  Now, i was about to face a 360 degree change by dating a tenured marine who excudes the corps. and loves what he does.  Honestly, I dont actually know what he really does.  Its not like he can talk about his day like a civilian person.  So, I have an idea of what he does.  He tells me what I need to know. 

Anyway, back to our date.  I was so nervous.  I was still getting ready when he arrived.  Im normally on time, but he was 15 minutes early. (He is always early).  He complimented my beauty (aw, I know, how cute!) and I was taken back since I hadnt put my sexy black dress on yet.  I was still wearing my holy (not because if was God blessed, but rather they had holes in them) favorite shorts.   I quickly got dressed.  I noticed that he stood in the living room for a split second and glanced around the perimeter.  He talked to me as I got ready and he slightly walked to the dining room.  I sensed he was 'casing' the permiters and exits.  Then he planted himself, sitting up straight on my sofa and kindly waited for me to finished getting ready.   He was noble, a gentleman and polite.  He walked me to his car and ... yes, I was impressed.  It was a very pretty, sexy, neat and clean piece of machinery.  (I've never known him to have a dusty or cluttery car -- what a blessing!).  I was pretty nervous.  But, he is a good talker.  He began to tell me about himself and what he does.  He said something about researching bad guys and eliminated them.  LOL.  

I remember, at the time, I felt very nervous.  I was hoping my friends dont tell him something embarassing about me or something that would make him question my character.   I also felt safe and accepted.  It seemed like with him, I could be safe.  I didnt worry about leaving anything, losing my senses, in fear of my safety, none of that.  I knew that he would get me where I needed to be and back home safely.  I dont remember ever there being a time before that I had felt so safe. 

I thought, what the coolest thing about him was that he was a fine blend of sofistication ( with his James Bond appearance and style) and a down to earth person that fits in with all types of people.  On the way out we passed by a famous taco stand.  He asked me how the food was and I told him that joint is infamous.  It is 'the spot' to go for tacos.  So, on the way home from the party he stopped by and picked us up some tacos.  Im telling you, he is amazing.

He spent the night.  I know, before our date I thought that I wanted to follow all the rules of dating.  You know, the 3 month rule (dont have sex too soon), dont call him let him call you... etc.  etc.  But after our taco he said he was tired and wanted to know if I minded if he spent the night a little before he drove home.   I always thought I had great will power and could keep one foot on the floor or keep my pajamas on, but I was  too weak.  Either that or his mojo was overpowering. So, we spent the night together.  He was amazing, tireless and he broke me.  All rules, reason, resistance and hesitation went right out the door and boy did I enjoy every minute of it. 

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