Friday, May 11, 2012

A Roadblock - Bad News

Then one day in early spring, I received a text.  It read " I have bad news".   I quickly called my marine to understand what was going on.  At the time, I had not decided to allow myself to care for him completely, so I pretended to be upbeat and carefree about his response.  It was then that he told me he had made a decision to deploy to Afganistan.  The plan was for him to leave in October and he would spend a significant amount of time preparing his team for deployment. 
I pretended not to be alarmed ( or disappointed for that matter).  In all honesty I felt discouraged.  I thought to myself ' oh great, I found a really nice man just to have this relationship be a temporary thing'.  With that, a part of me hesitated to completely commit to the relationship, as much as I wanted to, I was afraid he would not reciprocate the feeling and I feared he wouldnt return.  Thereafter, his behavior changed and he would go weeks and days without communicating with me. 
I remembered that I would keep my cell phone close to me and watch for his emails or texts every day.  Every day turning to see if I had a "Ping" or some semblance that he was still there. 
My heart filled with excitement when I would get "that call" telling me ' I'm back this weekend, come out and see me'.  He would spend time about once a month, or every other month in Camp Pendleton.  when he'd call for me, I would drive out to see him with bells and whistles (not really, just my overnight bag). 
The amazing thing about this relationship was that, for some reason, whenever I really needed to hear from him, he would call or text or email.  I remembered that I would have a tough day at work, or be going through a tough emotional problem and he would call and ask how was my day?   His timing was impecable. He always knew I would come see him. I always wanted to.  He was a far cry from anyone I had ever dated.  i didnt see him or spend as much time as I would have liked to, but the brief weekends we would spend together were explosive and AMAZING!

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