Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Isolation - Pre Deployment

As time drew closer to deployment, he drew more distant.  His texts, emails and phone calls became less frequent.  His kind words were exchanged with direct, and often naughty or derrogatory language. For example, he used to start the morning saying "Good morning beautiful.."  and later he might simple text " I want you to s....k my (blank)".  It seemed to me that when he was in firing practice or combat scenario training, he would often get 'charged and text intimate comments and requests.  I had mixed emotions when I received his messages.  On the one hand, I was a turned on and flattered that he thought of me in those instances, but at the same time, I was taken back by some of his direct requests.  I resided to the fact that he must be in a moment of feeling a 'rush' and that I should be supportive and encouraging and be in the moment with him.  In those times, I found myself giving into his requests and yes, having an exchange of "sexting".  The excitement for me was that, wherever he was (I never really knew where that was), he thought of me and we shared an intimate moment, long distance, through text or emails.  I thought of how it must be difficult on his end, to be focused in his training and the training of others and to be away from me ( or a woman) and the warmth of the experience of being with me.
I missed that warmth too.  What kept me from going berserk for lack of intimacy was to imagine how he must feel to be alone and to not have the option of being with someone.  Now I dont know how easy or hard it is for military men to have access to women during their training exercises.  I imagine, they could watch porno, view magazines, or pick up a one night stand, or something like that... maybe.  But I also beleive that a short term fix, or relationship like that doesnt compare to being with your  'steady person', what I like to call "your person". 
Your person knows you and you know him.  He knows your ways and you know his. You are comfortable with one another and know each others moves, likes and wants. I missed him so much when he was away.  And he is ALWAYS away.
He did tell me " Being with a marine is tough"  and I responded, that I can handle it.  He said " I need you to be patient with me" and I said " I will be patient"  He said " I hope to see you" and I said " We will see each other when we can, and make the most of our moments together". He said " When I get near deployment, its normal for me to get distant from the people I love, my family and my friends".  I responded " I know that's how you are, but you can change, you can see me more.." 
Preparing my heart for when he left was so hard and the time alone in between things was difficult to endure.

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