Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Care Packages

My marine is the first military guy I dated in my whole life.  Although I have family that were in the service, I had never before experienced (felt) the separation anxiety of deployment and fear of possibly loss that comes from loving someone who has gone to combat. I was inexperienced in sending mail, let alone a care package. 
My marine gave me his parents address beforehand.  After three months of his deployment, I hadnt received word from him of his APO address.  I took a chance in sending a package to his mom at the address he gave me.  I also supplied a note for her to please prepare the care package since I did not know how to wrap; a bottle of Jameson, a magazine, chocolates and a letter. 
I had never bough 'magazines' before so I trecked to Barnes and Noble bookstore.  I scoured the stands to find the smuttiest, naughtiest magazines I could.  I was looking for playboy, hustler or something of that nature.  What I found was that they did not sell those magazines.  I settled on some type of FMS, MAXIM or something like that, I don't remember the name.  What I remembered was there were many black sexy women in the magazine.  Timidly, I made my purchase, wrapped them in a black plastic bag ( couldn't let his mom see them, right?) and I sent them within the box of goodies to my Marines mom's house.
Finally I heard from my marine.  He emailed me his address, then asked that I not send anything to his home address. Then, when I asked him what I should send him in his next care package he responded " porno magazines... lots of them ( later I found it was for him AND his guys.. come on he's not that much of a fanatic, lol) and a disclaimer " don't send black chicks... or fat chicks with floppy boobs".  
On my next mission, I went to the treasure chest in Hollywood.  I thought that I was sure to find what he needed from there. Although getting him some smutty magazines and liquor wore against my own Faith, I reconciled my purchasing decisions on the fact that my marine is out there risking life and limb.. he deserves a little fun and alcohol.  While at this specialty store I found so many amazing things like candied boob rings, naughty playing cards, and yes... can you believe it? a nude magazine of FAT CHICKS WITH FLOPPY BOOPS!  It was hilarious!  I couldn't resist getting this for him.  I sent him some regular ones too. 
To this date, I never really heard the story of what happened when he opened this care package.  It must have been hilarious. 
He called me one day from a satellite phone.  Oh gosh! I was on air when he called. He said he received the package and that it made it day.  I asked him if he shared the items with his marines and he said, "negative".  I asked him if he played cards with them.  He said " No... they don't want to play with me, I don't need to share them".  (Hehehehe).   I love my guy!!!

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