Sunday, July 14, 2013

Navy Seals Are Wierd

                                                                                                                                                                       I know, it is a generalized statement.  I know, it could be that the one I met is just wierd.  Ok, maybe not wierd, maybe different. Let me prephase this comment by making this statement.  I love military men.  I find them handsome, well kempt, solid, hot, and having all the internal qualities I like.  However, I dislike... very much... their distant.  Emotional and physical distance.  I like closeness and connectedness.  I talk or text my friends often, several times a week.  We see each other monthly.  For some random reason, when one of the men I am interested dont text me back within the week, well, frankly, it irritates me. #Iwantyoutowantme. Like the song goes.  

John, the seal has his moments.  What I like about him is that he is affectionate.  He likes to hug.  Yes #PDA.  Last time we spoke he said he'd call me during the week.  I agreed, although in my head I was thinking that I am buzy this week, preparing for my vacation in the Florida Keyes.  Well, guess what.  He didnt call.  Go figure.  

I called him to leave him a message.  I was on my lunch break and called, texted several of my friends to see if they were free.  None of them were.  I included John in my texts.  He responded later that night, via text " I told you I would call you....."   How rude!!!   Does he actually think that I will live my life following his orders.  I call or text when I want, as it is convenient to me.  If he cant handle that, too bad.  I do me.  Pretending and conforming is too hard. 

I still havent heard from him.  He claims that he has a buzy lifestyle and that he is still working through transitioning from being a seal captain into retirement.  That might very well be the case.  I can respect that.  Nonetheless, a girl needs attention and a text with a imogi takes but two seconds to send.  
Im not speaking for all girls.  I am speaking for this girl. I contend with the fact that he is who is he is and he is where he wants to be.  We all are, in one way or another. 

 Today, while shopping for wine to  enjoy while I write.  I was speaking with a girlfriend about my dating life.  She asked about my marine.  ( sigh) My marine still has my heart.  He always will. I admitted to her that if my marine were to want a committed relationship, I would be all over that.  For now, he is overseas.  We have only communicated a handful of times this year, less than before.. so a relationship is highly unlikely. It is impossible, geographically and we are in different places.  The biggest hurdle, of course, is that he has not expressed an interest in having a long distance open relationship.  Open meaning that his friends and family know that he is in relationship.  If he were to commit to something like that, then everything else could be overcome, right?   Love covers all...


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