Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Things We Do For Money

My marine shared with me that he is in a place that is hot and sticky.  By the end of the day, with his bullet proof vest on, he is drenched with sweat!  He works long hours and doesn’t get much sleep.
I know he said he is going to make alot of money on this assignment.  That is something that is important to him.  I think, if you do the math, he will probably make a little over minimum wage.  If you compare the value of his life to me (priceless) then they are grossly underpaying him. 
However, I know that he is doing something that he loves and knows how to do.  He is doing something that makes him feel good about himself.  As much as I tell him that I don’t need his money and I don’t need him to risk his life... he needs it.  My role in this is to understand and to love him for who he is and how he is. 
I try not to think about his conditions too much.  I do, from time to time worry that  My poor baby is working such long hours, he is tired, and I wonder if he has eaten? I wonder if he needs me to rub his feet... they are probably tired and sore from walking and standing 12-16 hours.  I wish, in a way, I could shelter him from all the bad people who are trying to harm him.  I would punch them! How dare they shoot at him! I also think about how he must feel with eminent fear of getting shot. He tells me he is not afraid, of course not.. He is a Marine after all.
He assures me not to worry about his safety.  He says he has a good partner. 

Daily, I say my prayers for him.  My prayer for him has been for my God to send a legion of angels to fight with him and that His angels’ wings cover and protect him.  I pray that he finds favor where he is and that everyone treats him well.  I pray that my God change the hearts and minds of those around him so that his success can unfold easily in his path.  I pray the Holy Spirit guide his every step, to keep him in a safe and good path, to march him into victory.  I pray that all negative spirits, thoughts, people, and things stay far from him.  I stand against any negative forces and any enemies that come against him.  I thank the Lord for his everlasting love and thank the Lord for pouring his love out over my marine and his team. I thank the Lord for giving my marine this experience and bringing him home safely.  I thank the Lord for protecting him and keeping him from harm, and also for giving him a little fun while he is away. to allow him to enjoy the people, the culture, the environment and the experience.  I rest on the promise that God gives me that if I delight in him; he will give me the desires of my heart.  This is what my heart desires... that God extend his grace and love that he has for me... onto my marine.  In Jesus name, I speak prosperity, love, and wellbeing into my marine's life and I trust He will deliver this.   AMEN =)

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