Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Time is Different

Separation is always been difficult for me.  This time, it was different.  In the past,my marine would isolate before deploying and he would not see me or call a few days before he leaves. I have yet to see him off on his trips. His parents do that for him.  They take him to the airport or base and I am left on the outside, at home.  It sucks, I know but he doesnt want me there.

This time, he called me and we spoke during the last day.He called to see how my weekend went and how my workday was flowing.  When he did, I spouted out all this craziness that I am dealing with right now, financially and at work.  He listened, empathized,listened.  I continued to speak for a while.  He listened, then he said " Are you sad because I am leaving?"  and I told him the truth.  " yes".  It is not that I am afraid he will not be ok or not return.  I know he will be fine and he will come back.  He always comes back.
I told him, I just dont like him being away.
He assured me that he will be fine and that we can communicate via email. He said I can tell him my problems or happy occurrences and he will respond when he can,daily if he could.
He is always so good at listening to me (babble) and settling my spirit when it gets stirred.

I will miss this man.

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