Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Letting People In

Ive always considered myself a home body, though others see me as 'always being out and about'.  The truth is, I am a home body.  This time that my marine is away, I have asked God to give me good people in my life to help me does, to do  the activities that I like to do.  Yes, I had caught myself looking to connect with people in the things they like to do and feeling unfullfilled when those friends dont reciprocate.

For example, earlier in the year I agreed to accompany a friend on a 50 mile bike trip.  I was uncomfortable with the sleeping arragements and accomodations and not knowing exactly where we were going, etc.  I suffered through it because I wanted to learn how to not be in control of the arrangements and to just sit back and enjoy.  Then it came my turn,I wanted to run in Sonoma Wine Country.  This friend backed out on me. I was disappointed and have since distanced myself from this friend.  Sure, I did confront her about the decision and let her know that I was disappointed in her.  She did not appologize (which is what I was looking for). 
Some of the things I like to do are cook, play tennis, golf,run, hike, theatre, movies, read, dine and...  Well, thats a good start.  After praying for God to send me the right people.  Since most people presume I am always buzy, I had to tell them that I spend alot of time at home alone and that I need someone to hang out with.  I tell them that when my marine is away, I feel lonely and need company.  If  people dont know these things, they wont know how to help me.  So, thereafter, I was reaquainted with an old friend and his wife.  She is a great cook and we all plan to go hiking soon.  Then I engaged my other girlfriend to take salsa lessons with me weekly.  I had three lunch dates last week and my neighbor is my new walking/running partner and soon to be biking buddy.  Frankly, with all this new activity... I dont have room for my marine. jejejeje! just kidding. 
My marine?  oh, he called the other night, but unfortunately I had my ringer off.  I tried to get back to him to no avail.  I havent emailed him any happenings all weekend.  I think I will strive for another two weeks with no emails and see if he gets off his rock and decides to call or email me.

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